NAO BY LLADRO - Gracebrands
In 1967, the Lladró brothers bought a small porcelain factory very close to the city of Valencia and started collaborating with the best local porcelain craftsmen. A new style was born, the staff was specially trained for this purpose, and the first creations commercialized under the name of Rosal were produced, these figures were filled with charm and innocence, two lovingly continued traits in the next stages.

Following the success of the new brand, the next step came in 1975. The name of the collection was changed to ZAPHIR and the factory was moved to new buildings with larger workshops. ZAPHIR creations have been more stylized and adopted a wider variety of themes. It was the natural result of porcelain craftsmanship earned by young artisans.

The popularity of the brand in the USA spread rapidly and was confirmed as an internationally renowned brand. This enabled the Lladró brothers to look for a different business name and direct them to introduce themselves to other international markets. NAO borrowed its name from the old sailing boats from Columbus' time and symbolized the journey back to the origins, bearing creativity, skill and magic. The dream of the Lladró brothers came out like this: designing porcelain figurines for the lovers of beauty. Today, the Lladró brothers have become the original small workshop, a company where hundreds of artists work every day and produce creations sold all over the world.