Young Manola - Gracebrands

Young Manola


SKU: 2001912

Material: Porcelain

Height: 14 cm

Width: 18 cm

NAO porcelains are produced by veteran craftsmen in the company’s own local workshops near Valencia, Spain. The NAO collection comprises almost three hundred figurines which give NAO designers and artisans a wonderful chance to demonstrate their creativity.

NAO artisans transform an initial sketch into a clay figurine, stamping their own personal touch on the character. The technical team studies the sketch and divides it into many fragments which are used to reproduce the sculpture through various molds in a complex process. The molds are filled with liquid porcelain, and once the mixture is set, the fragments shaping the figurine are carefully removed. Then, the various fragments are assembled by NAO artisans using liquid porcelain. The figurines are hand painted by specialized artists before they are fired. The pigments are applied depending on the final coloring after the firing and varnishing process.

The creations are then ready to captivate the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

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