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Pip Studio

Pip Studio is a leading brand of home decoration and dining design products, providing its followers with unique collection each season. Pip Studio was created by designer Anke in Holland. She gets her inspiration from the flower gardens of Amsterdam, the colourful Dutch life, the magnificent dinner tables of the royal family and world-famous artwork making the brand a favourite for people who look for excitement in decoration.

This brand designs “happy products for happy people” and allows you to make you and your loved ones feel special with your meal presentations thanks to its unique collections, updated each season. Porcelain dinnerware and the versatile accessories that they offer makes this brand the best choice for setting dinner tables that are chic, elegant, dynamic and a perfect fit for the theme of your choice.

The “mix & match” feature of Pip Studio is a pioneer of a new trend. This feature allows you to combine products from different collections to your liking to express yourself and your creativity in your unique dinner tables; making it possible to expand and innovate your collection any time.

Each table decked with Pip Studio tableware is a unique feast for the eyes. The lovely PIP Studio reminds us that the way to make our loved ones feel special is through elegantly prepared meals and its prominent features are hand painted flower patterns, breakfast sets, radiant porcelain cups, special-design products that will bring luxury to your tea-time, dinnerware for 6 or 12 that will be bringing the royal touch to your dinners, plates with colourful patterns, tea cups and mugs of various sizes, bowls, award-winning tea pots, Turkish coffee/espresso cups, decorative cubes Floral and Royal plate sets and bird themed cups that are sure to bring happiness, taste and an touch of royalty to your home. Pip Studio offers a wide range of products with charming motifs and bright colours, once again making it the number one choice for people who want to add style to their homes.

Download PIP Studio 2017 Catalogue Download PIP Studio 2017 Catalogue