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Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

This Privacy Notice describes the website’s policy for collection and usage of user data. By accessing this website you are consenting to the data collection and usage practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Personal Data Collection

Personal data requested in our website is stored in order to ensure the provision of necessary services and for information and communication purposes etc. Your name, e-mail address, telephone number, work or home address and information relating to your work or credit card may be amongst the personal information that we collect. The website might collect information such as the name of the internet provider that you use to access the site and the internet protocol (IP) address, the date and time of your access to the site, the pages that you access during your visit to the website and the address of the website that you use to connect to our website directly. This information is used to improve our website, to analyse preferences and management of the website.

Personal Data Usage

The personal data collected on this site is used to manage the site and to provide the services or carry out the operations that you require or authorise. We may use your personal date to provide information about the product or services that you are using, including notifications.  In addition, we may send you SMS or e-mails concerning information about the GraceBrands products or services. For research purposes, we combine the data about site visits with anonymous demographic information; and we may use this data collectively to provide more effective content. When you subscribe to a newsletter or accept to receive promotional e-mails can use specialised links or similar technologies to track the e-mails that you click on. Each e-mail contains a link that will allow you to stop the income of such messages.

GraceBrands can disclose your personal information out of legal obligation or in cases where:

(a) there is an obligation to act in accordance with legal requirements or abide by legal actions issued to Grace Brands or its website;

(b) there is a need to protect the rights and ownership of Grace Brands;

(c) GraceBrands employees or intermediaries,

decide in good faith that there is an emergency requiring immediate action concerning the security of the users of GraceBrands products or the safety of the public.

Security of Your Personal Data

GraceBrands, uses various security technologies and methods to ensure that your personal information cannot be accessed, used or leaked by unauthorised persons. For instance, we store your information at computer servers with restricted access that are located in controlled facilities. Also, when you transmit sensitive personal data over the internet, such as credit card number, we protect this information by using strong encryption methods such as Secure Service Layer (SSL). In addition, we do not store your credit card information in our systems in any capacity. The credit cards used on the website are relayed to the bank after being encrypted via special encryption methods.

Changes and Updates to this Privacy Notice

We might update this privacy notice from time to time. We suggest that you review this privacy notice regularly in order to learn about the methods that we used to protect the personal information that we collect. Using the services continuously will mean that you accept this privacy notice and the possible updates made to this document.

Security Notice

GraceBrands allows you to determine the information such as the login password. In case the login password is forgotten, a link is sent to the website that you used when creating an account for our website so that you can create a new password. In case where private information is requested, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method is used in order to ensure that third parties cannot access your information. Each step of the credit card transactions are secured on our website.

Communication Security between the Visitor and the Website

We use 128 bit SSL standards for the communication between the visitor and our website’s purchase pages. The aforementioned communication standard is safely used even by websites with very high web traffic. When the address bar reads “https://..” instead of “http://..”, it indicates if that type of secure communication is present on the page where you will be providing your credit card information. The pages with that particular feature has a lock icon at the right hand side, lower corner of the browser that you use the access the website.

Website-Bank Communication Security

The security related to the relaying of credit card information from the site to the bank is provided at the maximum level by the bank itself. In addition to the aforementioned security measures, our website uses CVV2/CVC2 code in order to prevent against purchases with stolen cards or credit card information.

On Site Data Security

The information that is used during the transactions that you carry out in this secure environment cannot be accessed by any individual, institution or organisation other than you and the bank that issued the credit card. The credit card transaction page directly relays your credit card information to the banks POS system and the result of the transaction is communicated to the customer. Credit card information is not communicated by e-mails or any other similar methods. The credit card information relayed in regards to an online transaction cannot be accessed by us either.