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Privacy and security

Privacy and security

Data collection and use the website explains this statement, privacy practices. This confidentiality collect information, and you reach the site, as defined in this report shows you don't accept applications.

Gather your information personal

To be presented on our website for information, communication services, be about your personal information is coming under the circumstances, etc. We collected personal information, email your name, address, phone calls between you and your credit card company or business, we may have information about your home address. You used to access the site, site visits, about your internet service provider and internet protocol (IP) address, name, date and time to access the site you reach your website you connect to our website at the time you are in the pages of the Web site and collect some information that directly address the internet. This information, trends and analysis of the site used for improving management of the site.

Use your information personal

Or, as you want your personal information collected on the site of the site and providing services, operating or procedures used to be fulfilled. And you have to use personal information, notifications, to include information about products or services to ensure we can use.

And the other guys, we can send information via SMS or email about gracebrands products and services. Anonymous demographic information about calls for investigation purposes we combine the data, the site to ensure we can use this information and content more useful as a collective.

You signed up for a news release or promotional emails at to watch you agreed to accept you can use similar technologies, customized emails tapped or connections. To cancel a subscription to stop this kind of messages, contacts, who gave every e-mail, etc.

As a legal obligation to (a) or when gracebrands, personal information about the need to move or communicate to the site of the legal right to legal action or gracebrands; (b) GraceBrands and defend and protect property rights; (c), or the use of public safety or product gracebrands gracebrands employees would be led by action in emergency situations, with good intentions, they believed that it was necessary to explain.

Personal security, your information

To protect against unauthorised access to personal information compromised, gracebrands, use or use a variety of security technologies and procedures. For example, the information you provide the facilities under control and limited access to computer servers that we found in the storage.

Besides, sensitive personal information like credit card number over the internet Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol, we delivered in ways like we protect them. We don't hide in our systems and credit card information in any way. Credit cards used encrypted methods and transmitted to the bank about special crypto.

This report can be done in secrecy Changes

It's time to time we you can update privacy notification. What methods to protect personal information we collected information about our privacy to have taken advantage of that notification we suggest that you look at regular intervals. Like all the time you use this privacy notification and updates service means you accept that can be done.

Security alert

Like a password to access information from your side, gracebrands enabled. Access code is forgotten when you're given a code sent to record new e-posta adresine vivification connection.

In the sections where confidential information is requested, it prevents your information from falling into third parties by using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method.

Every step of communication for credit card transaction is secured on our site.

Site-Visitor Communication Security

Communication between the site and the visitor on the order pages of our site takes place in 128 bits of SSL standard. The standard of communication is safely used even on sites that have been processed in a large number of transactions.

Whether this form of communication is found on the page where credit card information will be given, the expression in the address bar when the page is accessed http://.. not in the form of https://.. in the form of a statement. When you access pages of this quality, there is also a lock mark in the lower-right corner of the browser.

Site-Bank Communication Security

Security regarding the transfer of credit card information from site to bank takes place with the maximum security offered by the bank. In addition to many components of this security, the CVV2/CVC2 code is used on our site as a precaution against shopping with stolen card or card information.

On-site Data Security

No person, institution or organization can access your information except you and the bank that allocates your credit card to you in your transactions in a safe environment. The credit card transaction page transmits card information directly to the bank POS system and reports the transaction result to the customer. Credit card information is not transmitted by e-mail or similar methods. As a result of the online transaction, it is not possible to access the credit card information transmitted by us.