LEONARDO - Gracebrands
One of the largest and most popular glass products companies in Germany, LEONARDO glass designs, home accessories and sofas, the Leonardo company is known for its sculptures and colorful windows.

The family company Glaskoch was founded in 1859 and is one of the leading glass suppliers in Europe today, today the company, 5. The generation is run by Oliver Kleine and his wife, Bianca Kleine. The LEONARDO brand has been reflecting the Italian sense of life since it was founded in 1972.

The brand, in the design that is the driving force, is constantly working for excellence and is one of the most important design awards worldwide " red dot " is the owner of many quality awards recognized around the world.

Leonardo products reflect a modern Italian sense of beauty that makes everyday life beautiful, offering solutions, and with lasting innovation and timeless outlook. Each product has its own spirit and embodies its brand philosophy.

LEONARDO products are present at more than 7500 sales points worldwide, with the aim of bringing joy to every home every day.